Our Story

Roads and bridges are at the heart of daily American life. The necessary investment to keep people safe as they travel is no new story. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, “Transportation investment will top the list of U.S. infrastructure priorities, and will likely reach $306 billion annually in the next 10 years, based on Bloomberg Intelligence analysis.” Further, increased requirements for minority participation have moved from single to double-digit figures. This trend is not likely to change for the foreseeable future as the DBE is a USDOT program that applies to Federal aid highway dollars. These market conditions led our founder, Amy Dill to launch Infrastructure Components. Coupled with the strong and growing market segment of bridge construction, Amy’s experience led her to consider how a minority-owned materials supplier offering turnkey solutions might serve contractors and their teams in a meaningful way.

“Turn-key solutions save contractors time and money. And, a shortage of minority suppliers can make it challenging for businesses to compete for projects when there aren’t enough qualified vendors to help subs and contractors meet the required percentages. Infrastructure Components will provide a solution.” — Amy Dill, President & CEO

Deck drain systems, conduit systems, rollers, hangers, piping and shields are some of the solutions Infrastructure Components supplies. When working with Team IC you can count on professional service, high-quality materials, competitive pricing and timely delivery. Don’t see what you need on our line card? Having trouble locating or meeting job specific materials requirements? Let Infrastructure Components locate and price what you need. Your success is our success. We look forward to serving you on your next project.

Introducing Team-IC

Amy Dill, minority owned materials supplierAmy Dill, President & CEO

Amy Dill is a masters prepared business woman with over 20 years of experience in infrastructure construction and has spent her entire life immersed in a culture of hard work and entrepreneurship. Amy’s passion is logistics and materials supply which led to the founding of Infrastructure Components, LLC. 

“The basis for any successful company is being customer focused and client driven. Infrastructure Components provides a turnkey solution to materials acquisition for the utilities and infrastructure construction space while providing the best customer support and service in the industry”. – Amy Dill, Founder and President

As a minority owned materials supplier in a woman owned business, Amy oversees operations and the strategic planning and direction of the company. The mission to deliver the highest quality customer service creates a unique value proposition for Infrastructure Components customers.

Dee Jetton,
Vice President of Operations

Dee has spent her career as an entrepreneur. Having launched 5 start-ups over the last 28 years Dee is best known for her “sell the solution” mentality, steadfast innovation and her dedication to high-quality products and services. Her customer-centric approach has driven sales and service commitments in a variety of environments. Engineering, architecture and construction are no stranger to her career. She has overseen; ground-up construction projects (to include budgeting and cost containment efforts), the building of retrofits, electrical improvement projects, IT enhancement, mechanical systems replacements, paving projects and has worked collaboratively on air quality improvement system designs for aquatic environments.

“Most people take infrastructure – roads, bridges and related systems – for granted. I am fascinated by their power to move people safely. The collaborative nature of infrastructure construction inspires me. The many moving parts required to take a project from start to finish is a testament to the industry’s intelligence, its teamwork and collaboration.”
— Dee Jetton, Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development for Infrastructure Components, a minority-owned materials supplier, Dee is poised to assist you with your project needs. Dee earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Appalachian State University and is a John Maxwell certified leadership coach. She’s a sports fanatic, a formally fabulous golfer who’s now a self-proclaimed duffer, and a lover of music.